Night Owl 2012

Well some people made a weekend of the event by arriving Friday night and were rearing to go, a very well patronised event with crews from ACT, VIC, QLD coming to be tested by the director (Arthur Evans) There being 18 entrants and 17 starters , with masters to apprentices looking at their instructions.

1st Division came into control at Nundle which was the meal and fuel break after which they set off for Div 2 again coming back into Nundle to start Div 3. Rod, Arthur & I were doing the control at Nundle with Ruth & Des West supervising before dark. Great spot if all be a bit cold like freezing at 9pm.Thanks Jane for the gloves!
After our lost crew arrived at Nundle they with us returned straight to Scone for the evening supper at the motel and a good debrief with the crews.
Sunday mornings run was well accepted and the finish control gave everyone a little task.
Some comments from entrants. Well we came back this year and we finish the Night Owl Rally. The new via-board system that Arthur and Paul used was sometimes challenging but fun. We did find it made a lot more sense after we got home and went through the sheets, next year we’ll pay more attention to the instructions. The roads and country side was amazing and so pleased that we fitted a decent set of driving lights to make the night section nice and bright. We hadn’t counted on the temperature falling so low, we will have the heater fitted and functioning next year, Jane said she was not impressed with her numb fingers and toes. Our thanks go to all those who organised, helped and participated in this great rally.

Dan & Jane Robinson (Yellow Datsun 1200 Coupe) 2012 Night Owl Results