Historic Vehicle Inspection Day 2009

Historic Vehicle Inspection Day

24th January 2009

January 24th, Saturday of the Australia Day Long Weekend was the day set aside for the annual inspection of our club member’s historic vehicles so that they could maintain their historic registration. Never has there been seen so many Slushie drinks consumed by mature adults in one place at one time, such was the impact of the searing heat which hovered in the low 40s at Freemans Waterhole that afternoon.

Club President and Vehicle Inspector, Geoff Thomas was kept busy with the 10 cars that turned up. Where do all the Peugeots come from ? Rod Piggot, Darval Thomas, Nigel Nash, Andrew Park to name a few brought theirs along with 404s the dominant and varied from immaculate restoros to serious rally machines.

Phil Challinor drove Nigel Nash’s 404 to Freemans Waterhole and on the way it suffered a heater pipe failure in the heat and Phil suddenly found the driver’s side foot well of the 404 full of very hot water. Some quick footwork quickly ensued and emergency procedures were implemented to overcome the situation.

Many of us were intrigued by Glen Redgate’s rally prepared Hillman Hunter that features many novel innovations from the snorkel, to the air conditioning (actually a zip to roofing cover and lightweight bonnet material.

Jim and Ron Pope brought along their pair of matching full tally spec Fluffy Duck yellow Triumph Dolomites.

The time seemed to go very quickly and when 4:00pm came around it was time to pack up head home for a quick shower then it was off to Harrigan’s Irish Pub for the Presentation night.