Fluffy Duck Gallery 2011

Fluffy Duck Historic 2011

Oneill Stanza

Congratulations go to Paul O’Neil / Arthur Evans in the Datsun Stanza for their victory.

Land Crab_2

Wayne Sexton / Peter Ryan in the Austin “Land Crab” 1800


Doug Barbour / Xanthea Boardman in the Porsche 911

Spirit of the event: Louise Reeves / Jan Botham / Kate Bader in the Pajero.

The Australian Historic Rally Group would like to thank the following for their help in the running of this event Ron Fraser, Carey Fraser, Coal Mullet, Hotdog, Rick & Jenny Ferulio, Rob Langdon, Ron Pope, Rod South, Des & Ruth West, Gregor Dickinson, Bill Pearson, Karen Piggott, Vicky Murphy, Chris Hall, John Vickery, John Collins, Jim Pope, Brian & Viv Lawler, Christine Bethwaite, MG Car Club Newcastle, Central North Coast Sporting Car Club, and our Sponsors.

Thanks to the competitors and supporters, but most of all thanks to the people responsible for setting another excellent event.

Full details in the Past Events section.